Undocumented Youth Hold Vigil to Urge Governor to Include NYDA in State Budget

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Governor Cuomo, Our Education Can’t Wait Anymore!

Undocumented Youth Hold Vigil to Urge Governor to Include NYDA in State Budget



Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Contact: Melissa 347-488-2310, Daniela 646-472-9565

New York, N.Y. Undocumented youth and supporters will hold a vigil from Thursday, March 22 to Friday, March 23 in an urgent call to Governor Cuomo to include the NY Dream Act (A 6829/S 4179) in his executive budget by April 1st. Undocumented youth have delayed their dreams of obtaining a college education because of the lack of financial aid. The New York Dream Act, which will provide access to tuition assistance program (TAP) and scholarships to qualified undocumented youth, will open the doors of colleges to hard-working and deserving students whose goal is to contribute to the greatness of our state. A recent study by the Fiscal Policy Institute indicates that “extending the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to include eligible undocumented students would increase TAP expenditures by roughly two percent.” That is a 2% investment that will provide incredibly greater returns to New York in higher tax revenue that undocumented youth will bring in, a more educated and productive workforce, and youth who will feel encouraged to stay in school and pursue their dreams of a higher education. The future of undocumented youth can’t depend on political games any longer. The New York Dream Act is about giving equal access to education to all youth, and any lesser measure on its own is insufficient.

The New York DREAM Act needs to pass this year. It is not enough to stay silent; Governor Cuomo, it is time to take action! Undocumented youth, such as Sara Martinez, a NYSYLC member, have grown up in our country with American values believing and trusting that if she works hard, she will succeed. Undocumented youth work hard every single day; we need the NY Dream Act to allow them to get educated and achieve their full potential. We demand Governor Cuomo stand up and level the playing field for undocumented youth by including the New York Dream Act in the state budget!

What: Vigil for the NY DREAM Act

Where: Outside Governor Cuomo’s office – 633 3rd Ave (between E 40th & 41st), New York, NY

When: Press conference: Thursday, March 22 at 4.30pm. Vigil will be held from Thursday, March 22 at 4pm to Friday, March 23 at 10am.

Why: Our education can’t wait anymore; We need the NY Dream Act in Governor Cuomo’s budget.


For media inquiries, please contact Melissa 347-488-2310, Daniela 646-472-9565


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