Urgent:Tell Speaker Silver to pass NY DREAM Act



Today, Sheldon Silver and the New York State Assembly made clear their thoughts about the future of undocumented students in New York. Although undocumented immigrants in New York pay upwards of $662 million annually in taxes, the New York State Assembly decided that undocumented students are not worth even a one dollar investment from the state. While the New York State legislature passed the New York State Dream Fund, they failed to even consider the New York State Dream Act.
The NY Dream Act is currently being held in the Governmental Operations Committee in the Assembly. Please call the Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and ask him to put up the NY Dream Act (A6829/S4179) for a vote in the Assembly, then call the Chair of the Governmental Operations committee and ask him to move the NY DREAM Act through the committee, see the numbers below.
Sample script: “I’m calling to urge that (legislators name) support the NY DREAM Act and allow undocumented students to be given an equal opportunity to the tuition assistance program, please move the NY DREAM Act to the floor for a vote ”
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
NYC office: 212-312-1420
Albany: 518-455-3791


Steve Englebright,Chair, Governmental Operations Committee
Albany: 518-455-4804
District office: 631-751-3094


If you have more time please call every member of the committee, see list here.