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Announcements about the New York Dream Act

Immigrants Continue Fight for NY Dream Act After Failure to Pass in the State Senate

In a surprise vote, the New York State Senate on Monday rejected the New York Dream Act by a vote of 30 in favor and 29 opposed. It required 32 votes in favor to pass.

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9 Things You Can Do To Support The NY Dream Act

The New York Dream Act was first introduced in 2011. It is now 2014 and we still pushing for this bill to become a reality. We need YOUR help to make this a reality. Take action now and ask your friends and family members to do it. March 19th, save the date. 1. sign up …

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Shining the light for the NY DREAM Act

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We have ONLY TWO WEEKS left to make sure the NY DREAM Act gets into the governor’s budget!! Let’s HIGHLIGHT the urgency for the NY DREAM Act by holding up our Illuminated Light Brigade message to urge our elected officials to make sure that the bill makes it into the budget. This could be the …

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Senator Golden Says He Will Not Support Tuition Assistance For Undocumented Immigrants

State Senator Marty Golden said he won’t support the New York Dream Act, legislation that would allow undocumented immigrants in New York to have access to tuition assistance for higher education.

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