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Over a decade ago, our state was a leader in deciding to extend the right of undocumented youth to pay in-state tuition rates. Today, we join together as the New York DREAM Coalition to call on you to extend the New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) to qualified undocumented students by passing the comprehensive NY DREAM Act that has been introduced to the Legislature (A.2597 / S.2378). With federal comprehensive immigration reform expected in the near future, we feel strongly that New York State has not only a responsibility to act, but also an opportunity to once again lead the nation on progressive issues, such as immigrant rights and education reform.

1)        Call or email your New York State Senator: “Hi, my name is ___________ and I am calling to urge the Senator to co-sponsor and pass the comprehensive NY DREAM Act. The bill introduced by Senator Peralta (S.2378/A.2597) and Assemblyman Moya, which would extend TAP to undocumented youth without delay!”

2)       Tweet:  @NYSenate pass the #NYSDreamAct this session!

3)       Share articles and post on Facebook: “Pass the comprehensive NY DREAM Act extending TAP to New York’s undocumented youth. Educational equity for all!”

4)       Get media coverage: Pitch story ideas to reporters, find the DREAM angle and comment on relevant articles, write a letter to the editor, submit an opinion editorial piece, and be creative!

5)       Lobby: Schedule a meeting with your state representatives or find out a meeting that is already happening by contacting the New York DREAM Coalition.

6)       Start a DREAM Team: Organize your community. Coordinate with the NYS Youth Leadership Council about what it takes to start a campus or community DREAM Team.

7)       Have a petition drive: Help us get thousands of signatures from New Yorkers that will be sent to the Governor and the State Legislature urging them to act!

8)       Write a letter: Send a letter to your state elected official urging them to sponsor A.2597/S.2378 OR to thank them for already doing so!

9)       Host an event: Schedule a NY DREAM Act training in your community and/or campus!

10)   Contact the campaign: Learn more by contacting the NYS Youth Leadership Council at info@nysylc.org. 


Download 10 actions to pass NY DREAM Act